Technologies for bag-making

HGL Line

Automatic bag-making machine HGL 1.6 - 2.0


Technical characteristics

BMTEK’s HGL line includes two models: HGL 1.6 and HGL 2.0 (based on the sealing width). This line enables to produce bags made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, recycled and biodegradable plastic film, assuring an excellent quality on the final product.

Automatic bag-making machine HGL

The HGL, as well as all other BMTEK lines, guarantees a constant production and immediate preparation and size changing. Furthermore, the great flexibility and the customization level that we offer enable to meet the most specific needs of our customers.

As one of BMTEK's main characteristics is the research of innovative solutions, the HGL line is equipped with: electronic cam system that enables optimum production with all types of material; the possibility for all BMTEK lines to update the software by means of USB device and, finally, a highly advanced system for energy recovery, which thanks to the deceleration of the kinematic motions of the machine allows the customer to amortize costs in less time (Energy Saving system).

Possibility of inline production with extruder using one accessory only.

BMTEK offers a vast range of accessories, both inline and stand-alone, which enable HGL to be adapted to different production requirements.

Touch screen

Touch screen

The touch screen on the machine has been designed and programmed to simplify the use of the machine and the set-up of the production.

This instrument simplifies and facilitates the job of the operator during the set-up and production.

Energy Saver

Energy saver

This device enables energy the be recycled thanks to the deceleration of the kinematic motions of the machine.

The recovered energy feeds the asynchronous motors in the machine, giving significant energy saving.

The energy saving system allows the customer to amortize costs in less time.

Possibility of updating the software

Possibility of updating the software

With the USB device that will be supplied upon your request, it will be possible to update the current software and/or to install a new program.

The basic version the HGL will be equipped with:

The basic version of the HGL includes the following range of products


for heavy duty bags


for plastic and paper