Technologies for bag-making


Automatic bag-making machine SMART 1.4


Technical data

Automatic bag-making machine SMART

  SMART 1.4
Machine width 1948 mm.
Max width of welding 1400 mm.
Max length of bags * 2.000 mm.
Min length of bags ** 100 mm.
Max thickness of welding *** 4 x 300 µ (LDPE)
Min thickness of welding 2 x 10 µ (HDPE)
Max speed of cycle 90 cycles/min
Min speed of cycle 10 cycles/min
Speed of production **** 80 m/min
Main voltage ***** 3,5 - 5 KW/h
Max used power 11 kW
Power with energy saver ***** 15-20 % less
Installed power 400V/3/50 Hz
Air consumption 6 Bar

* For bags longer than 2000mm, we suggest to install an automatic folder
** For bags shorter than 100mm, we suggest to install a system for bags extraction
*** Only with wires 4.8x0.35
**** The speed of production depends from the type of material used

***** Depend on the speed of machine and length of the bag