The BMTEK beSMART line is the perfect line for those who are looking for a SIMPLE and COMPACT line.
This beSMART line is perfect for FLAT BAGS and for those who want to work in two lanes.

The Bag Making Machine beSMART  is composed of:

1) S-UNW : unwinding unit equipped with 2 shafts, brakes and cones.

2) SMART 1C : welding machine that combines functional and tested mechanics with newly designed electronics and software. It is also able to guarantee constant production, with very fast preparation times and format changes. Equipped with a touch screen to program and control operations such as cycle, bag length and temperature.

3) PRINT DETECTION SYSTEM: for working in print step.

4) CB : Conveyor belt, available in different length  according to production needs.

With this line, without further acccessories, is possible to obtain:

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