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Spare parts

BMTEK provides compatible spare parts for bag-making machines.


BMTEK provides compatible spare parts for bag-making machines.

BMTEK can even offer a reverse engineering service (creating the part from your sample) and a custom spare parts service (creating the part from customer’s technical drawing). BMTEK can also supply all manufacture Arvor and Pulsar brand spares.

The compatible spare parts listed below are only a small part of those that BMTEK produces.

  • Cam with inner profile
  • Transmission belt
  • Knife belt
  • Accessories for air pipes
  • Rubber for upper and lower clamping bar
  • Sealing bars and its accessories
  • Sealing pads and wires
  • Cam with external profile and its access.
  • Stretcher
  • couplings
  • Cones
  • Angle head
  • Various pulley
  • Pneumatic accessories
  • Clutch and brake
  • Rollers
  • Spare parts for perforation

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