The BMTEK SMART line is the perfect line for those who are looking for COMPACTNESS, EFFICIENCY and SAVINGS IN TIME AND MATERIALS.
This SMART line is perfect to obtain FLAT or ON ROLL BAGS, directly IN LINE WITH AN EXTRUDER.

This Bag Making Machine SMART consists of:

1) NIP ROLLER : element that helps keeping the film tension controlled, by avoiding excessive accumulation of material.

2) IN LINE BUFFER :  allows to work in line with an extruder.

3) SMART 2C : BMTEK‘s SMART model enables you to produce bags from LDPE, HDPE, MDPERECYCLED and BIODEGRADABLE material and it guarantees consistent production and rapid set up and size changing.

The sealing system is controlled by cams in desmodromic motion.
The bag is cut mechanically with a flying knife.
Each group of rollers can be opened and regulated manually in order to simplify the insertion of the film.
Possibility of inline production with extruder using one accessory only.

BMTEK offers a wide range of accessories, both inline and stand-alone, which enable SMART to be adapted to different production requirements.

The model SMART is available in 800 or 1400 format.

  • 4) Tear line + hanging holes : to obtain pre-cut bags in the desired position or “block-notes” type bags;
  • 5) Compensator: to adjust the position of machining inside the machine;

6) CB : Conveyor belt, available in different length  according to production needs.

7) AMW : This is a winder with roll change and automatic core loading equipped with a material guiding sensor and unloading station with weight control.
When film reels are produced in metre-count mode, the winder offers the possibility of cutting automatically without the need for a welding machine.
It is designed to work either in an extrusion line or with a welding machine.

With this line, it is possible to obtain :

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