This BMTEK SBM line is the perfect line for those who are looking for EFFICIENCY, MODULARITY AND FLEXIBILITY.
This SBM line is perfect for FLAT or BLOCK-NOTES BAGS of different types, and for those who want to work with several tracks .

This Bag Making Machine SBM consists of:

1) AMR : Motorized unwinder, with bottom-up motorization.

2) SBM : Welding machine with an innovative design and concept that give true flexibility to meet the changing demands of the market.

In fact, it offers the possibility of adding a module, increasing the length of the machine so that other accessories can be added over time.

The welding units are also easily interchangeable, ensuring maximum production flexibility.

  • 3) K-sealer ( lateral or bottom ) to obtain a K sealed product.
  • 4) Compensator:  to adjust the position of machining inside the machine.
  • 5) Tear line + hanging holes :to obtain pre-cut bags in the desired position or “block-notes” type bags.

6) CB : Conveyor belt, available in different length  according to production needs.

With this line, it is possible to obtain :

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