The BMTEK SBM line is the perfect line for those looking for EFFICIENCY, MODULARITY and FLEXIBILITY.
This SBM line is perfect for obtaining FOLDED BAGS with an open mouth.

This Bag Making Machine SBM is composed of:

1) MPLR : Motorised shaftless unwinder (in the 1-track version), equipped with two hydraulically driven expanding shafts (in the 2-track version) for easy lifting of the reel.

2) SBM : Welding machine with an innovative design and concept that give true flexibility to meet the changing demands of the market.

In fact, it offers the possibility of adding a module, increasing the length of the machine so that other accessories can be added over time.

The welding units are also easily interchangeable, ensuring maximum production flexibility.

  • 3) Pneumatic Perforator : to obtain bags perforated in the desired position through tools of different diameters.
  •  4) Compensator: to adjust the position of machining inside the machine; 

5) RPG : The automatic folding device, positioned in front of the welding machine, allows the bundles of bags produced to be extracted by folding them up to 3 times.

With this line, it is possible to obtain:

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