The BMTEK TROLLEY line is the perfect line for those who are looking for INNOVATION and EFFICIENCY.
This BMTEK TROLLEY line is perfect for obtaining ROLL BAGS, and for those who want to work CONTINUOUSLY.

This Bag Making Machine TROLLEY line consists of:

1) MPLR SHAFTLESS: motorised unwinder with hydraulic lifting.

2) TROLLEY : Automatic welding machine with continuous motion.

  • Pre-cutting blade depth adjustment;
  • Independently adjustable bottom or side welding;
  • Adjustable welding bar pressure;
  • Adjustable position of print or perforations;
  • Sealing bars with independent teflon magazine.

 3) AMW : Winder with roll change and automatic core loading equipped with a material guiding sensor and unloading station with weight control.

When film reels are produced in metre-count mode, the winder offers the possibility of cutting automatically without the need for a welding machine.

AMW is designed to work either in an extrusion line or with a welding machine.

With this line, it is possible to realize :

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